Visual CGX
Tornado 3D

Tornado 3D is the most powerful and fastest real time 3D character generator for professional users who create 3D titles for HD/SD broadcasts. It is powered by the Matrox DSX platforms, the most powerful scalable video hardware available on the market.

  • HD and SD together in one system
  • OpenCG/DirectX hardware acceleration
  • amazing realtime playback features in HD/SD
  • true 3D text and shape creation with environment mapping
  • extrude, bevel, and lighting control of up to 8 lights
  • real time multi-layer 3D effects (DVE, organic, particle, distortion, water-ripple...)
  • real time keyframeable motion effects with time line control
  • real time roll and crawl speed adjustment
  • real time playback of targa sequence
  • internal Clip Player (AVI, MOV)